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Let your voices be heard today - Vote!
Lenell Geter
Tuesday, November 8, 2016
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All across this nation, citizens will be expressing which candidate for president will take the country in the right direction. President Obama often uses "Don't boo, vote" to encourage people to vote for their causes at the ballot box. Today, November 8, 2016, is a historic day in so many ways for our country. This day is historic for the history of our country regardless of your political stripes.

It's time to vote and to have your voices heard whether it be for the choosing of a president or a school board member. Your vote does count! It is very important for our democracy.

It is easy to decide who you want to represent your community. The person who represents you will be the candidate who hears your concerns. Here are a few pointers for you. Decide which candidate is listening to what you want to have done in your community. It will probably be a candidate who is already in the "gap" fighting for you, whether it will be for the causes and remedies of mass incarceration, criminal justice or legal reform. Do you want your representative to do something about youth and teen violence in the community and at school? Do your homework, check out the candidate's track record, voting record and platform. By all means, go out there and vote, because we are "stronger together"!